On 12th February 2019, a fire destroyed the west wing of the George Bryan Centre. It provided an assessment, care and treatment service for working age adults who are in an acute state of mental illness and a mental health assessment and treatment service for people aged over 65. Temporary arrangements have been in place since the fire.


Since the fire, anyone living in South East Staffordshire who has needed an in-patient stay has been to St George’s Hospital in Stafford. An enhanced service has been in place in the community to support people to stay in their own home.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed any further engagement on the future of the services.

The decision has now been made to re-start the process to find the long-term solution for the George Bryan Centre.

As the services benefit people across the whole of South East Staffordshire, our activity will be as inclusive as possible; involving patients, public and staff.

Join our reference group

We are inviting service users, carers of service users, representatives of seldom-heard groups and staff to join a reference group.

Reference groups members will need to:

  • Attend one workshop to help inform our future proposals

  • Read our information pack that will be sent in advance of the meetings 

  • Complete different templates and tasks as part of the meetings (training will be provided, if needed), or provide views based on the information we provide you with.

To thank you for your time, we will pay a set amount for attending the virtual workshop and for reading the information pack to prepare for the meeting. Payment will be made at the end of the process, and is dependent on certain conditions.

Virtual workshop date

10 February, 1pm-3pm

How to sign up

Telephone 0333 150 2155 or visit the Together We're Better website.

Information about the involvement process that has informed the proposal being considered by the reference group

There have been two on-line events, based around a presentation.

Our issues paper sets out some background information.

A summary is also available. 

Previous involvement exercise

A series of engagement events took place in 2019 to establish what was good about the services and what needed improving, to help shape the long-term solutions. Feedback could also be submitted by email or by post. 

The Board of MPFT received a report detailing the outcomes of the engagement exercise on 30th January 2020.

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